Advice and Risk Mitigation

We help clients identify and manage risks or opportunities arising out of their international contracts and investments.


We provide a critical and practical assessment of our clients’ claims or legal exposure at the outset to help them determine their dispute resolution strategy and manage internal communications. This is kept under review throughout any legal proceedings, to take into account any legal developments, as well as the broader commercial or political context of the dispute. We have considerable experience in managing quantum evidence and can assist clients in assessing their claims or exposure to damages under the applicable legal and factual framework.


Inadequate provisions in international contracts create myriad legal and procedural risks and associated costs. We have first-hand experience of such risks, having litigated disputes on the interpretation and application of a wide range of commercial, transactional, project and other agreements involving many different business relationships and industries. We help clients draft robust dispute resolution and other contractual protections adapted to the specific contractual and commercial relationship, and can audit contracts and projects in order to prevent or mitigate disputes.


International treaties, free trade agreements and domestic investment legislation may provide investors with powerful remedies and leverage against States, through investment protection provisions and the right to pursue claims through international arbitration. We have advised on many such instruments in various countries. We help investors structure their investments abroad to take advantage of the available investment protections, whether in the context of a transaction or before a dispute arises and, conversely, can advise States on how to mitigate the risk of investment claims.
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